This post serves as an introduction to the website more than to myself, because I feel like I’d rather have the work speak for itself and after all, I’m a photographer, not a writer. This site marks my 4th or 5th website design since 2010 and each site has marked a transition in my artistic exploration. Where I am at now is a result of that journey. I’m sure there’s many more changes to come, but at least at this point, I can confidently say that the work hosted here authentically represents my passion and style.

One of the selling features of using this site over the last one is the integrated blogging aspect. I hope in the future to be able to engage more regularly with my audience, eventually building the platform to share more featured projects highlighting stories worth sharing. Big plans… big plans…

If you’re interested in following my journey, feel free to subscribe at the bottom of the page.


Below I’ve given a brief summary of each section so you can find your way around as well as know where to look if you’re hoping to find new/more photos.


Probably the least updated section of my site. There are a handful of new photos since the last site, but this is really where I highlight some of my favorite work. If you are looking for more images than what you’ll find in the portfolio, feel free to browse the journal or client galleries.



For the first time, I’ve decided to expand my info section to provide more information about the work I do. As I continue to redefine the work I’m creating, I want to help clarify what I’m all about to those who are interested. As an artist I want to place my primary value on printed work as I’m attempting to do something a bit different than many of the photographers out there. Because I’m promoting a printed product, which will now be included in all standard private commissions, I provided a section to give details on the prints themselves.

* Prints are also available to commercial clients at an extra cost.





Any questions, inquiries, or comments go here. I prefer to have a written record of any conversations relating to my work so even if you have my number, I’ll likely direct you here. Helps keep my life somewhat organized.



In the journal section of this site there will be posts relating to various subjects including street photos, personal trips, events I’ll be involved in, print work, my life, etc. For those who are more interested in my photos than my ideas, don’t worry, my future entries will be more photo dominant.



Here is where I host my client galleries. I’m using an external host (Smugmug) which is a convenient and reliable way for me to deliver my finished work. Each commissioned job comes with digital files, although I’m focusing more on providing original gallery-quality prints. Even if you’re not a client, feel free to browse through the open galleries to see more of my work.



I wanted to provide more ways for people to engage with my journey as an artist, one of them being my favourite platform Instagram. Because Instagram is a primarily mobile platform, and not everyone has access to it, I created a page on this site where you can view my images from Instagram in a convenient way so that you don’t miss out. At the moment this is safely nestled under the journal tab until I find a better place for it.





Thanks to everyone who took the time to read,

be blessed!



* Feel free to follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK as well, with instagram being the most frequently updated platform I’ll be using.