black and white photographer

Helene Cyr

PHOTO: Helene Cyr

Coming from an extensive artistic background, Will grew up studying various styles and mediums of art, developing a strong foundation in design work. Although painting and drawing were his primary expressions growing up, it was eventually photography that took hold as the primary output of his artistic vision. Finally the brush and pencil were set down altogether to focus on his photographic endeavors.

After continuing to focus on and hone his craft, black and white was eventually chosen by Will because of its timeless and soulful qualities that best showcased the kind of images he was looking to create. 

Through the medium of photography it is Will’s desire to capture stories and record moments that reveal more than just what a person looks like – images that reflect life, being captured rather than contrived.

Through a casual and documentary approach to photographing his subjects, Will seeks to create an environment where they can feel comfortable enough to be themselves. It is during those moments of authenticity that Will captures his images.

Whether shooting for private or commercial clients, the approach is the same in that the photographer seeks to capture an emotion or feeling and not just another pleasant picture.

Victoria, BC